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Hero Fishing Central Sands Heritage Blend


As the birthplace of coffee Ethiopia also is the ancestral home of the natural process, in which ripe coffee cherries are picked and dried without first removing the skin and pulp. This method imparts an intense fruitiness to the roasted coffee, and we’ve created Indigo to showcase the hallmark blueberry notes found in a natural Ethiopia. Featuring flavors of dark chocolate, cranberry, and baking spices, this blend is well-balanced, sweet, and juicy!

(1) 12oz bag


Thank you for purchasing this amazing product! By making this purchase you are supporting our Heroes; Military Veterans, First Responders, Last Responders, Healthcare Workers, Educators, Children, and Everyday Heroes.

100% of the proceeds of this purchase go directly to providing outdoor experiences through fishing adventures.

Hero Fishing is an IRS Registered 501(c)(3) public non-profit organization and we operate with an 100% volunteer staff.

Hero Fishing Central Sands Heritage Coffee Blend

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