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HERO Fishing started as an idea to bring love and passion for the outdoors to the Veteran Community. Born from the patriarch of the family taking friends, neighbors, and veterans on the water to educate and introduce them to a new hobby. Over time, the benefits became apparent that camaraderie among like-type people facing the same dilemmas in life could be forgotten if only for a moment. 


The importance and value of HERO fishing was elevated when SGT Perleberg of the Wisconsin National Guard was injured from an Improvised Explosive Device, while on patrol in Iraq. Valuing family and country the Perleberg boys found inspiration by putting Heroes together in a non-judgmental environment to heal with the help of nature, friendship, and caring volunteers.


As the organization evolved so did the idea of what a HERO is. Non-identifiable by any cookie-cutter definition but by a spirit of servant leadership and dedication to their fellow citizens, community, and nation. HEROES come from all walks of life and have value and merit in the world.


HERO Fishing provides adventures of a lifetime to deserving members of our community to help with the sustained growth andand healing that life can bring. 

healing that life can bring.

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