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Ted Gebhardt

Program Coordinator

I grew up being taught to fish from my father and grandfather. Some of my first memories fishing were 2 trips that my father, Grandfather, brother and myself went up to Canada for a few day fishing trip each time. I remember that my father and brother were always in one boat and I had the pleasure of joining my grandfather. On these trips my grandfather always brought his fly rod and would usually spend a morning trying to pull in some Bass or Northern on the fly.

One day I told my father that this was something I wanted to learn and try. We all attended a fly fishing class and this is where I fell in love with the sport. As my 8th grade graduation was coming up my grandparents had the brilliant idea of gifting me a fly rod. I was so ecstatic about this gift, meanwhile all my friends were getting phones or other electronics. I had no care in those items and instead I bragged about my fly rod like it was gold. Since that day I have been primarily fishing with a fly rod in my hand. I have been fortunate enough to be able to catch a ton of different species on the fly and look to expand those in the future.

As I got older and wanted to continue to fish through the year I was exposed to some friends who ice fished. I remember as soon as we got done I went out and bought all the bare essentials and I haven’t looked back yet. With all the joy and self reflection time I get from fishing I have enjoyed volunteering with Hero Fishing to be able to provide that same opportunity for others.

Ted Gebhardt
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